Packing and Storage Tips

Packing your valuable possessions can be a stressful endeavor. Here are some basic pointers to follow to make packing an easier experience.
  • Use new boxes - New boxes are sturdy, clean and pest free
  • Use special purpose boxes – dishpak boxes are great for dishes and glasses and have extra protection. Wardrobe boxes are ideal for packing clothes.
  • Fill each box completely to avoid collapse.
  • Use packing material to protect your possessions
  • Do not use newspaper to wrap your possessions. The ink rubs off and can cause damages.
  • Use small boxes for heavy items so they are easier to carry.
  • Use large boxes for light items.
  • Pack fragile items separately and label box "FRAGILE"
  • Seal your boxes with heavy duty packing tape.
  • Number your boxes, label contents and rooms. Arthur's provides this inventory system at no charge.

Storage Tips

  • Appliances - Store appliances with doors or lids open. Make sure the inside is clean and dry. Cover disconnected hose ends with plastic bags, tied securely.
  • Chairs - Wrap legs with bubble wrap or foam packing paper. Cover with plastic to protect.
  • Dishes and glasses - We recommend using dishpak boxes. Wrap items individually. Put glasses at top of box, wrapped well. Make sure all sides of box are cushioned and tightly packed.
  • Electronics - If you have them - repack in original cartons. Check your owner’s manual for specific instructions on moving items. Do not use polystyrene peanuts in packing any computer devices. They can cause damage.
  • Mattresses - Cover mattress with special mattress bags to keep them dust free.
  • Paintings - Use bubble wrap for protection. Place in specially designed mirror and painting boxes. Stand them on edge. Fine paintings should only be stored in climate controlled facilities.
  • Sofas - If your sofa is a hide-a-bed, make sure to secure the bed by tying it closed. Sofas can be stored on end to save space. We recommend plastic sofa covers be used.
  • Tools and Sports Equipment - Take apart assembled equipment. Place parts in separate bags and label. Attach to equipment with tape. Tape tools together in groups of same size. Wrap the ends in protective foam or bubble. Drain hoses and tie together in a coil. Remove any gas or oil from lawn mowers, snow blowers, chain saws, etc. Store with fuel cap open.
Sorry, but the following items are prohibited from being stored:
  1. Foods or perishable items.
  2. Explosives or ammunition.
  3. Paint, chemicals, toxins, inflammables or oily rags, equipment containing fuel tanks.